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"Nan Cohen is adding another tool for divorcees to use to get them through a difficult time in their lives."

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Divorce Expert and Divorce Coach Nan Cohen
Nan Cohen is recognized as the go-to person on separation and a divorce expert. On the air with “Dealing with Divorce” on Pittsburgh radio since 2004, Nan brings her practical, reality-based perspective to audiences and individuals seeking direction on navigating through divorce. Now coaching one-on-one, "Nan on divorce" will also be leading seminars both nationally and locally—additional forums for exploring the realities of divorce.

Divorce reality expert Nan Cohen shares her top tips for those dealing with separation and divorce as we head into the summer months. Scheduling and a good calender are usually the keys to a good summer. School will be out soon!
  1. Memorial Day is the traditional start of summer.  This is usually associated with a Monday holiday and long weekend.  Please make sure any planned or impromptu trips do not conflict with other activities or existing custody orders.  July 4th is not a Monday holiday but check your custody agreement for that date and be watchful around fireworks.
  2. There may be graduations for the children. Remember they are the ones who should shine in the spot light.  It’s a big deal whether they are going from elementary school to middle school or high school to college. Remember to acknowledge them for a good report card and a good school year even if improvements have to be made.
  3. If your child is currently a junior in high school there may be some upcoming college visits.  It may be in the child’s best interest if you both attend.  Selecting a college may be the biggest decision they will have to make up to this point in their lives. Be there to support them.

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Divorce Expert and Divorce Coach Nan Cohen
Brenda Waters of KDKA-TV's Pittsburgh Today Live with Nan

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Nan Cohen is a Pittsburgh-based divorce expert focusing on the realities of separation and divorce, based on her own experience and long-running radio show. After her marriage took a surprising turn and she found herself confronted with all of the emotions and logistics of divorce, Nan began to share what she had learned and discovered a niche in which she could help others work through a transition to a new beginning. Read more
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