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"Nan Cohen is adding another tool for divorcees to use to get them through a difficult time in their lives."

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Divorce Expert and Divorce Coach Nan Cohen
Nan Cohen is recognized as the go-to person on separation and a divorce expert. On the air with “Dealing with Divorce” on Pittsburgh radio since 2004, Nan brings her practical, reality-based perspective to audiences and individuals seeking direction on navigating through divorce. Now coaching one-on-one, "Nan on divorce" will also be leading seminars both nationally and locally—additional forums for exploring the realities of divorce.

Divorce reality expert Nan Cohen shares her top tax for those dealing with separation and divorce.
  1. Child Support vs. Alimony. Alimony payments are taxable to the recipient and deductible by the payer. Child support payments are neither taxable nor deductible. Make sure your agreement clearly lists which payments are for which purpose and discuss with your accountant.
  2. Ex-spouse Social Security benefits. As a result of the “Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015” divorced spouses may collect Social Security Benefits from their ex spouse under certain circumstances. Criteria include the length of the marriage, current marital status, and age to name a few. For full details you should check with your social security office and consult your tax preparer and attorney to get details on eligibility, documentation and tax consequences.
  3. Medical Insurance. If you have purchased health insurance through the government “Marketplace”, and depending upon your income level and marital status this may impact your taxes. You will receive a 1095-A form and must complete and return a Form 8692 . Form 8692 is quite complex and you should review it with your tax preparer. Some of the parameters include taxpayers divorced or legally separated this past year, and taxpayers married at year end but filing separate returns with one spouse filing as Head of Household.

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Tune in to KDKA Radio 1020AM on Saturday May 26 to hear Nan Cohen and her guests at 12:00 Noon


Nan is joined by Alan Caplan of Petland Pittsburgh Mills on KDKA 1020AM at 12:00 Noon or you can listen in at KDKA.com  or you can watch and listen  on Facebook Live.

Nan and Alan will be talking about summer safety tips for all of your pets.  Be sure to listen in or call in with  your questions  at 866-391-1020.

Divorce Expert and Divorce Coach Nan Cohen
Brenda Waters of KDKA-TV's Pittsburgh Today Live with Nan

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Nan Cohen is a Pittsburgh-based divorce expert focusing on the realities of separation and divorce, based on her own experience and long-running radio show. After her marriage took a surprising turn and she found herself confronted with all of the emotions and logistics of divorce, Nan began to share what she had learned and discovered a niche in which she could help others work through a transition to a new beginning. Read more
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